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Global Opportunities Consultancy


What We Offer

Non-Resident Bangladeshis (NRBs) have the potential to be a tremendous asset for the people of Bangladesh. As of 2021, there were approximately 10.5 million Bangladeshis living abroad. Many of these individuals work in a variety of professions, from manual labor to highly skilled white-collar jobs. By leveraging their experiences, connections, and expertise, NRBs can help their fellow Bangladeshis navigate the global job market and find better opportunities.


Many NRBs work in blue-collar jobs, such as construction or manufacturing, there are also many highly educated professionals working in fields such as medicine, law, engineering, and finance. These individuals can provide valuable insights and guidance to their fellow Bangladeshis who are looking to pursue careers abroad. They can help connect them with job opportunities and provide advice on how to succeed in different work environments.


In addition to their professional expertise, NRBs also have the benefit of having lived and worked in different countries. They understand the cultural nuances and social norms that can impact job opportunities, and can help guide their fellow Bangladeshis in navigating these differences. They can also provide valuable insights into the job markets of different countries, helping Bangladeshis identify where their skills and qualifications may be in high demand.


In many cases, NRBs have formed tight-knit communities in their countries of residence, which can provide a support system for new arrivals. These communities can offer advice on everything from finding housing to navigating the healthcare system, and can help newcomers feel more at home in a foreign country.

NRBs can help promote business and investment in Bangladesh, leveraging their connections and expertise to foster economic growth and development.


The NRB connectivity at Probashi platform is aiming to provide valuable Global Opportunities Consultancy to Bangladeshi people by focusing on a range of sectors and opportunities. They can leverage their networks and experience to identify opportunities, connect Bangladeshi professionals and startups with investors and clients in different countries, and provide guidance on starting and running a business in different countries. By doing so, they can help Bangladeshi people achieve their goals and contribute to the development of the country.


Probashi is creating a platform to connect Non-Resident Bangladeshis (NRBs) with the aim of leveraging their potential in the global market and making significant contributions across various sectors. The platform serves as a bridge between Bangladeshi people and global opportunities. Here are the different sectors that have potential for growth and opportunities for Bangladeshi people that the NRB community at Probashi platform can provide Global Opportunities Consultancy:


  • Startup support: Probashi provides support for Bangladeshi entrepreneurs looking to start their own businesses by offering mentorship, funding, and access to NRB networks. They can also connect Bangladeshi entrepreneurs with investors and clients in different countries and provide guidance on setting up and running a business in different countries.


  • Investment opportunities: The platform provides information on investment opportunities in various sectors and countries by connecting Bangladeshi investors with NRBs who are familiar with the local business environment, helping investors make informed investment decisions.


  • Export-Import: Probashi is creating a network of NRBs involved in the import-export business. By connecting Bangladeshi businesses with these NRBs, the platform can help local businesses expand their reach and increase their exports.


  • Information Technology: The IT sector is rapidly growing and is expected to continue doing so. The NRB community can identify opportunities for Bangladeshi IT professionals in countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK. They can also help connect Bangladeshi IT startups with investors and clients in these countries.


  • Education: The education sector has potential for growth, and the NRB community can identify opportunities for Bangladeshi educators in countries such as the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia. Probashi is facilitating this platform for Bnagladeshi people to get more opportunities worldwide.


  • Healthcare: The global healthcare sector is expected to grow significantly, and Bangladeshis can take advantage of this trend by pursuing careers in healthcare. Probashi connects the NRB community to identify opportunities for Bangladeshi healthcare professionals in countries such as the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia.


  • Agriculture: Bangladeshis can play a role in meeting the increasing demand for food by pursuing careers in agriculture, such as farming, research, and agribusiness.Worldwide Agri business are more focussed on Agri tech nowadays. Through Probashi Platform People will be more aware about the directions to get worldwide opportunities in Agri business.


  • Manufacturing: As global trade continues to grow, there will be an increasing demand for skilled workers in the manufacturing sector. Bangladeshis can develop their skills in areas such as textile and garment manufacturing, which are already major industries in the country. NRBs are consulting at Probashi platform to connect more Bangladeshi people to connect globally.


By connecting Bangladeshi people with NRBs, Probashi creates opportunities for them to find employment, enhance their skills, start their own businesses, expand their reach in the import-export market, and invest in various sectors and countries. The platform is aiming to be a game-changer for Bangladeshi people looking to make a mark in the global market.


NRBs have the potential to be a tremendous asset to the people of Bangladesh. Their diverse range of professions, cultural understanding, and ability to build networks abroad can help guide their fellow Bangladeshis in finding better job opportunities and support the broader economy. As Bangladesh continues to develop and integrate into the global economy, leveraging the skills and experiences of NRBs will be critical to realizing the country's full potential.

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