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According to the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, remittances from overseas workers have been steadily increasing and reached a record high of $18.2 billion in the fiscal year 2020-2021, which accounts for approximately 5% of the country's GDP. The majority of these remittances come from countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Qatar, and Kuwait. In addition, the World Bank estimates that there are around 270 million international migrants worldwide, with a projected increase to 405 million by 2050. This presents a significant opportunity for Bangladesh to tap into the global labour market and further boost its economy.

The lack of a reliable platform for Bangladeshis to connect and exchange skills and services with each other and with verified service providers has been a major obstacle. This has resulted in many aspiring migrants falling prey to fraudulent agents and facing difficulties in finding suitable employment opportunities abroad.

Probashi aims to address these challenges by providing a trusted platform for Bangladeshis to network with each other and with verified service providers, eliminating intermediaries and reducing migration fraud. This not only benefits the individual migrants but also strengthens the governance of migration and enriches the occupational composition of the Bangladeshi workforce.

Through data-driven insights and user-generated content, Probashi can match skills demand and supply, creating a more efficient and effective labour market for both the migrants and the businesses looking to hire them. This will ultimately lead to a more prosperous and interconnected global community.

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