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Job Responsibilities:

  • Assist with site preparation, including setting up and dismantling scaffolding, barricades, and temporary structures. 

  • Perform manual labor tasks such as digging trenches, mixing concrete, and operating hand and power tools. 

  • Assist skilled tradespeople, such as carpenters, electricians, and plumbers, with their tasks as needed. 

  • Follow safety protocols and regulations at all times to ensure a safe working environment. 

  • Participate in demolition activities, including dismantling structures, removing debris, and clearing the site. 

  • Assist with loading and unloading construction materials and equipment. 

  • Maintain cleanliness and organization on the construction site. 

  • Adhere to project schedules and deadlines to ensure timely completion of tasks. 

  • Construction Work: Participating in the construction of various structures according to the specified plan, including the installation of walls, ceilings, and other fittings.


  • Previous experience in construction or a related field is preferred but not required. 

  • Ability to perform physical labor and work in various weather conditions. 

  • Familiarity with construction tools and equipment is an asset. 

  • Strong work ethic and willingness to learn. 

  • Ability to follow instructions and work effectively as part of a team. 

  • Valid driver's license and reliable transportation may be required(Recommended not mandatory)


  • Competitive wages based on experience. 

  • Opportunities for skill development and advancement within the company. 

  • Health Insurance 

  • A supportive work environment with opportunities for growth and professional development. 

Expectations: Workers should quickly learn to adapt to the work culture and to integrate into the work system as soon as possible so that they can align with the team efficiently. 

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